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Your Certified Rio de Janeiro Tour Guide

Greetings! I am Patricia, a dedicated Carioca and native of the captivating city of Rio de Janeiro. My fervor for exploration and travel resonates with your passion, and my wanderlust has taken me to over 20 countries spanning Europe, North America, and South America.

My proficiency in three languages—Portuguese, English, and Spanish—has proven to be a priceless asset throughout my global adventures. These linguistic skills have enabled me to forge connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds, immerse myself in the tapestries of their cultures, and unearth the rich histories that color our world.

Academic and Professional Accomplishments

My educational foundation includes a degree in Marketing from the esteemed UNICARIOCA University, coupled with certifications in Business Administration and Event Organization from the prestigious SENAC RIO Technical Institution, centrally located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro.

A Versatile Career in Tourism

My professional journey in the tourism sector has been a dynamic and multifaceted one. Over the years, I have worn numerous hats, including those of a seasoned travel agent, a devoted tour operator, a proficient interpreter for corporate events, and, during a memorable interval, a professional photographer.

Contributions to Prestigious Events

I have had the privilege of lending my expertise to a plethora of significant events, each leaving an indelible mark. Noteworthy among them are the XV Pan American Games in Rio (2007), Rio + 20 (2012), World Youth Day (2013), FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil (2013), Brazil World Cup (2014), and the Rio Olympics Games (2016). Furthermore, I have actively participated in corporate events for renowned companies such as Varilux, Budweiser, FIDIC, the Indian Embassy, McKinsey, Visa International, and many more.

Certified Tour Guide

In 2011, I successfully completed an authorized Tour Guide training program accredited by the Rio de Janeiro State Council of Education. This accomplishment culminated in my acquisition of an official license and title as a National Tourism Guide, sanctioned by the Ministry of Tourism. This certification underscores my extensive training and ensures that you are in the capable hands of a certified tour guide.

Rio Smile Tours - Your Trusted Partner in Travel

Established in 2013, Rio Smile Tours stands as your foremost online tour company, steadfastly adhering to Brazilian legal regulations and sanctioned by the Ministry of Tourism. Our credentials, including company registration number CNPJ 18.948.699.001-81 and CADASTUR 19.058022.10.0001-5, attest to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional experiences in the heart of Rio de Janeiro.

I cordially invite you to accompany me on an extraordinary journey of discovery through the vibrant, enchanting, and diverse landscapes of Rio de Janeiro. Together, let's craft unforgettable memories.

Embark on your Rio adventure with a smile!


Patrícia Leopoldino

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